“I’m worried that Susan has taken on too much. . “

Said my father to my mother about me moving the horses to the self-care farm.

“Are you kidding? She’s loving every minute of it.” said my mother.

And it is true. Furthermore, when she told me that he said that, before she could tell me her reply, I said, “I’m loving every minute of it!’


Last Friday on my lunch break and then also after leaving work early, I got free lumber for projects at the barn. I work in a shipping/warehouse area of Hyattsville. I’d promised Jessica palettes for her hay storage now that she’s moved to the full size barn at the farm. Unfortunately, I was having a hard time keeping my promise because the contents of our warehouse is being shipped to a warehouse in Ohio. Fortunately, I remembered that our neighbors will also have palettes, so I opened my eyes and looked around. The palettes I found are large palettes meant to hold shipments of iron and other very large things The palettes are large, and the wood is oak. The oak panels are large enough to build a small barn, or, perhaps, repair walls to an existing barn or create wind breaks or many other things. Most of the palettes were too large for my vehicle so I called my friend with a pickup truck, Sarah.

Sarah met me after work and we loaded up her truck with the palettes for Jessica’s hay storage and then we dismantled the large palettes to get the wood for making repairs to my shed (and also to Jessica’s barn). As we hammered, pried, heaved, and lifted Sarah recalled the commercial that suggests one should “Go do truck things.”

It took me 5 days of getting around 9-10 hours of sleep a night to recover from my exertion. That Sunday, though, it was windy and the horses were sharp and so we did walk/trot intervals on the hills in the old corn/hay field. The horses actually had the idea that they would start training for races (which is amusing because only Pie actually knows what that is like). Pie got into his Early Morning Gallop Frame and started to train. Sioux got competitive and raced past him. Then he race past her. . .mind you all of this is happening while I am riding Pie, ponying Sioux, and holding a hand held pocket saw blade.

The point is that while I felt guilty for oversleeping on Monday morning by a few minutes, when I got to the farm, I found that these two hadn’t even rolled out of bed yet. Soooo tired. . .Poooooorrr Babies!

I can’t wait until I have more spare time so I can blog about my this weekend being so super awesome! So busy!! And we have a semi-private lesson on Tuesday night. Our friend Karen is going to ride Sioux for parts of it. We might switch, but Pie will have a depressive episode if I don’t ride him first. I might have one, too. Yeah, Pie and I are co-dependent like that. . .want to make something of it?! 😉

Trot intervals after being pulled up from galloping up hills is kind of tiring. . .

Trot intervals after being pulled up from galloping up hills is kind of tiring. . .

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