Off Topic – entry 1

I can’t always bring myself to write about the horses and definitely not about the art. So today I’m going to talk about the fact I broke a rule that I made for myself. I broke the rule on Monday at the end of a long day at work and I was feeling sorry for myself that I only have horses and cats to love me (and awesome friends and family but it was my pity party and I cried because I wanted to). I didn’t actually cry, but I broke the rule of NO MORE JOINING DATING WEBSITES. I think they are awesome. I encourage people to use them. I am not a person who likes that experience. Furthermore, anytime. . .any. . .time. . .I see a man who has something about finding his soulmate anywhere in the first paragraph, I make vomiting sounds and delete him, or x him out or whatever it is we do.

But I paid for one month. Just one. It’s more expensive per month, but it is big savings on money and frustration for me to do it this way. Actually, I signed up for three months with OKCupid last month and emailed them the next day and told them I had had too much wine and please don’t make me stick this out. They refunded my money without question.

But since I’d actually been an nonpaying member for about a month and I just wanted to see the 20 emails that I received (turns out none of them were anything of consequence. . .I don’t think men read profiles. . .or at least these men did not). I couldn’t beg for the money back. Besides, if I tried the same excuse as I did with OKC, I might end up with a reputation and could end up blackballed from dating websites. . .though not such a bad idea. . .

Anyhow. I started to get kind of depressed. I had some not great circumstances in the past when a guy told me I didn’t look like my picture (not as good). And I haven’t updated the pictures, and I’m now 3 years older than I was. . .basically, my profile wasn’t really all that positive. Even when I looked at it I knew that it read like a woman with major self esteem issues. When being honest, when I wrote that profile I did have self esteem issues, but that isn’t the point. The point is that I’m as worthy of a relationship (if I want one) as the next lady.

Then, more time passed and I was shopping for solar lights on Amazon. Actually, I’d been shopping for solar lights on one sight and wasn’t finding what I wanted, but after reading the reviews on the one site, I realized what I needed to shop for on Amazon. It was after I made my happy purchase and texted my mother about it, to which she responded, “Review are the best in figuring out what to buy. . .” that I decided that I would re-write my profile as if I were listed as a product on Amazon, complete with reviews.

The thing is, if I don’t think it is going to work, if I am going to be pigheaded about it, if the concept unnerves me, and as it hasn’t worked in the past (except for making a couple of friends), why do I really care what I write for my profile? Why not let my true colors shine.

So that is what I did. I wanted to do Q&A’s but ran out of characters, but I did the reviews and I even did one from an unverified customer.

We will see what happens. If entertaining things happen. I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, Pie and Sioux are doing fine. The weather has us all down. I was letting them have control over their time in the run-in stalls but today they seemed to lose their ability to self regulate and I shut them in their stalls. I felt awful until I realized that they’ve spent plenty of days in their lives in stalls. The next 10 hours won’t kill them. Other than that, nothing much to report. Oh, I did have an interesting breakthrough in clicker training with Pie, but Sioux was just crabby with me. Pie doesn’t mind when I do a crappy job clicker training because, the way he sees it, he’s still getting treats. Sioux finds my misguided efforts annoying and just wants to go trim the stray grass out of the sand ring.

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