Play Date!

At the :16 second mark, Roy is inadvertently giving Pie the cue to lift his hoof. However, even if this is like watching paint dry for you, just wait for the :47 second mark.

I had a great time watching and studying the horses when they all met for the second time. The first time was briefly over the fence this past Sunday. Today was the First Official Play Date. When Pie saw Roy coming to toward their pasture he was so excited.

Roy was completely done by the end of the day, though, and had been trotting the fence line. He wasn’t washed out (in a nervous, lathered sweat), and he hadn’t left a complete rut in the dirt. Pie and Sioux seemed completely over Roy’s drama, though.

I have a longer video that I took, but was editing it with some captions. Maybe I’ll have that ready for tomorrow.

Time to get working on the book illustrations again. . .too much time with the horses, not enough time working. I’m just kind of tapped at the end of the day and it isn’t always easy to pull more creative work out of me. It doesn’t help that the days are getting dark so much sooner.

Oh, and here are some pictures of Pie loving the new minerals and Sioux having no interest in them. She was so annoyed that I even suggested them to her.

Big Sky Minerals Free Choice

“It’s not water in here. . .?”

“hmm. . .it’s kind of tasty…”

Big Sky Minerals

“I like it!”

“Minerals on my nose!”





Lip smacking goodness!











Pie. You are in Sioux’s stall. Are you going to share? 


“I hate the minerals! I don’t want minerals!”

“More minerals for me. . .yummm. . .”

“stupid minerals”


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