Grants and New Art

While I’ve been derailed from some resolutions from the robbery (I’ll get back on track soon), I’ve kept my resolve to keep pushing forward with my art.

I’ve been reading articles about the business of art, which has helped me make pricing decisions and change the way my art and I will be presented on the world wide web. A friend told me about a Baltimore area grant two days before it was due, but I managed to apply. It was online and it was the first time I was able to submit multiple images of each collage. Even if I don’t get any recognition from it, it gave me ideas on how to update my blog (see the revised portfolio tab- it takes awhile to load). Between that and the articles, I’ve decided to change my approach to my website. And I’m very pleased with a new piece I’ve started. I’ve read that it is good to work in a series, so it is nice that I seem to like doing so. I may not actually work on several different series over time, but still. I’m doing it.

  I hope to have a photo that is lighted better soon. My goal is to keep adding photos of this to the gallery until it is done. Perhaps it will make the process clearer.

As for the January Cure where I will find myself blissfully changing my habits? I have a feeling that those ideas were intended for women who don’t go to the barn after work and then come home and start working on their art careers by building frames, updating websites, applying for grants, and making new art.

But they are good pointers that maybe I can apply when I’m not doing any of the above. Although, usually, when that happens, I’m rather exhausted and don’t really care what the house looks like.

I’ll just have to create my own, modified January Cure. Maybe I’ll edit the calender this weekend and show you what I think it should be. The Horseman/Artist’s January Cure.

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