“Making fine art, to me, means taking all the varying experiences that I’ve had, and turning them into ideas. Then turning those ideas into an image.”

Even though a native Marylander, I moved with my family several times as a child. I was already a shy child, and our moves deepened my reclusive nature. Often I’d entertain myself working on art projects or spending time outdoors and eventually, with horses. My life hasn’t changed much.

My studio home is located in a 1930’s riverside cottage.  During early renovations, I found newspapers printed in the 1933’s that had been used as wall insulation. I have always love old books and papers, all the better to find them in my own home. The pieces were for no particular reason in a box in the studio closet. Later, when I attempted to make paper kites that would have the same visual affect as appliqué kites, I tried to incorporate the papers in it. It didn’t work and they fell apart. Eventually, I started to search online auctions for newspapers from 1933.

Working for a kite manufacturer has been a huge influence on me and my work. Getting involved with kite making was a great experience which led me to learn about the history of kites in Japan which then led me to take Asian ink painting courses and a brief bit of research on the use of calligraphy in composition and the use of the chop. All of these influences, and more, led me to my technique.

When in college, when disinterested in my homework assignments, I’d enjoy making collages. It had been my goal to learn how to combine papers with my oil painting but it never happened. It seems only logical that now, years later, I would use papers the way I used to use oils. Now, however, my use of text has actually been influenced by the appreciation of poetry and seals to tell a story and to add balance. There are times that the text will have little contextual meaning, occasionally it will give a glimpse into what is very much on my mind.https://afulltable.com/best-adirondack-chairs/



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